We will have a relaxed morning creating photographs you can be proud of and would want to share and hang on the wall. Here you can let your imagination go and play dress-up. This is such a rewarding experience with results just getting better the more you put in.

I do digital paintings in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. I do not use apps, but create the painting initially through the style of clone painting to establish the base and then I build on that with more and more layers, blending it all into a end product that is unique and not repeatable, even if I would start it all over again.

This is one of my favorite methods to expand on photography. It does mean a little more planning and vision, as we need to look at the background, the subjects, light, clothes and make-up. The results can be pretty spectacular and unique.


Artistic compositions really pushes the photo into another medium, where the photo becomes even more of a piece of art that can hold its own on any wall in any home.

This is a fun exercise for me to do. I love to photograph landscapes, wildlife, sport action when I have a chance.

I have a son who just started school. This allows me to shoot them on outings every so often or do odd portraits. I love the candid stuff and being a observer capturing things as they happen allows for some great photos.